LDAP port no 389

LDAP port no 389

LightWeight Directory Access Protocol

The LDAP is an application protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an internet protocol (IP) network

Directory services may provide any organized set of records often with hierarchical structure such as corporate email direcotry. similarly a telephone direcotry is a list of subscribers with address and phone numbers.


eg. host : domian20.example.com
suffix : dc = domain20
dc – example
dc – com

conigure LDAP client

1> #system-config-authentication

2> fill the given information
user account information
-> user account database : LDAP
-> LDAP search base DN : dc=domain20,dc=example,dc=com
-> LDAP server : ldap://host.domain20.example.com
select use TLS to encrypt connections
=> download CA certificate

Authentication information
authentication method : LDAP password

3> get ldap user
#getent passwd ldapuser1

4> authmounting home directory
#vim /etc/auth.master

/rhome /etc/auth.misc   ———-direcotry to share(/rhome)         any file name ( /etc/auto.ldap)

5> #vim /etc/auto.ldap

ldapuser1   -rw host.domain20.example.com:/rhome/ldapuser1
* -rw host.domain20.example.com:/rhome/&                 ——-share all user

6> #service autofs restart

7> #chkconfig autofs on

Note : After configuration of ldap client, You can access remote ldap user on clinet machine same as local user.


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