How to upgrad Kernel

How to upgrad Kernel

What is Kernel : Kernel is a heart of linux OS. It manages resouces of linux OS. Resouces means facilites available in linux. eg. facility to store data, print data on printer, memory manages, file management, Kernel decides who will use this resouces for now and how long and when.

Kernel perform following task
1. I/O management
2. Process management
3. Device management
4. File management
5. Memory management.


Install new kernel.

1. #rpm -ivh kernel-debug   ( it take some time to install new kernel )

2. Make changes in grub.conf
#vim /boot/grub/grub.conf
#vim /etc/grub.conf

one kernel entry start from “title” option and end on option “initrd” and start with position 0.

default = 0


3. #reboot

4. Recheck new kernel
#uname -r

Remove old kernel
#rpm -e kernel-debug


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