Manage Services

Manage Services

2 Types of services

1. Self service => They have their own daemon. eg. httpd, sshd etc.

2. xinetd services => services do not have own daemon. eg. telnet, rlogin, tftp, pixi, talk.

1. How to start/stop/restart/reload and check services status.

#/etc/init.d/service_name start/stop/status/restart
#service service_name status

eg. #service sshd stop
#service httpd configttest

2. On/Off service permantently.
#chkconfig service_name on/off

3. Check list of all the available services.
#chkconfig –list

4. On/off service on particular run-level
#chkconfig –level 3 service_name on/off

5. Reset service at default run-level
#chkconfig sshd reset

*Manage services graphically.



It open window, select paritcular service by giving ” * ” ( press spacebar to select ) and OK button.


setup menu => system services.


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