Printer Installation

Printer Installation

1> Locally

System => administation => printing OR #system-config-printer

i. New
ii. Select port where printer attached to computer eg. serial port #1
iii. chooose printer driver and company eg. select printer from database HP
iv. select printer model name an driver for that model
v. fill printer description ie. printer name etc.
vi. apply.

Give print locally
i. open any document.
ii. give print as usaual. It shows small icon at top panel. Where you can manage printer pool. eg. cancel print etc.

Share printer
i. server
ii. settings.
“publish shared printers”

Add shared printer on remote client
i. system => administrator => printing
ii. New => N/w printer => IPP
iii. enter host name to printer
queue /printer/IP of remote machine.

Note : It shows icon for remtore and local printer.

2> Remotely.

service “cpus” : which manage printing operation
common unix printing services , IPP protocol

i. System => administration => printing
ii. server => settings
allow remote administrator
show printer shared by other
allow printing from the internet
publish shared printer

Installation of remote printer
Server => New => printer => N/W printer
inernet priting protocol
queue /printers/IP of remote printer server

printer queue

when we give print it shows icon at top panel. Open this icon you find diffent document in print queue.

Give the print using command
#lpr “filename to print”

Cancel print fron queue
check the process “job IO using” #lpq commmand and
#lprm “Job Number”


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